Facilities & Services


Our Philosophy


” We help people get out, have fun and be in the best shape they can be.”


We are here to motivate you to return time and time again week after week. We believe in providing an environment that is very welcoming, fun and energising. We do not like bland environments, equipment that has not been cleaned or a snooty atmosphere. We believe instructors should be cheerful and should have the skills necessary to get you in the best shape you can be. Please take a look at the video on the Home page “Introducing Escape Gym & Fitness Club”.

Cardio, Resistance and Free Weights

Quality with plenty of choice even at the busiest of times. 51 pieces of cardio and resistance equipment from the leading premium end supplier, Technogym plus four concept II rowers. Adjacent free weights room with a large selection of free weights and equipment, including smith machine and squat rack.


Functional Fitness

One to help you get in great shape to perform the activities of daily life. A large rig, punchbags, powerbags, fitness balls etc. In fact everything you need to train different muscle groups to work together.


Super smooth and great for those with joint issues. Hydraulics offers a very different experience to conventional resistance equipment. Hydraulic pistons provide the resistance. There’s no weight to drop. Instead the user can stop or pause at any time and the machine will not move.



A very versatile exercise developed by Navy SEAL’s. TRX allows you to perform exercises against your body weight. The equipment can be used for gentle stretching or very intensive exercise. Superb for working your core, improving endurance and toning.




A non exhausting alternative to more traditional forms of exercise. The equipment is based on a plate that vibrates in multiple directions many times a second. By undertaking different stretches on the plate it is possible to go through a full body workout. The vibrations are very small and cause the muscles to contract as a counter response to the small level of instability that is created. The contractions engage a high percentage of muscle fibre making the stations very time efficient. Sessions of 10 to 15 minutes are ample.

Ladies Only Gym

For ladies who prefer to exercise in private. The Ladies Only Gym gym has an exciting range of equipment suited to all ages and abilities, including the very popular Shapemaster Toning Tables.

Virtual Cycling

Cape Town, Colorado and British Columbia are just some of the many routes on offer. Some fantastic scenery and really well filmed. All narrated to coach you through the ride with background music helping you with the rhythm. Suits first timers to serious cyclists as you control the bikes resistance level.

Virtual Classes

Something for everybody. On tap is just about any type of class you can think of. Various lengths from 20 mins to one hour.


A bouncing cycling class. Lights Down and lasers on. Let the rhythm of the music carry you away whilst one of our instructors guide you through and keeps the motivation level high. Suits first timers to serious cyclists as you control the bikes resistance level.


Like RPM, but without the lasers and dimmed lighting.

Body Pump

Described by the creators, Les Mills, as the fastest way in the universe to get in shape. A total body workout to some great music. Plenty of use of barbells with light to moderate weights and lots of repetition working all major muscle groups. This class has developed a bit of a fanatical following. Expect plenty of motivation from the instructor. Passionate cries such as “fight the end” and “just one more” are the norm. First timers to expert as you select the weight you use.

Circuit Training

Tone up in no time. Super efficient way of improving cardio fitness and endurance. Constantly changing exercises offers variety, whilst the instructor will make sure the group has plenty of smiles and a few laughs along the way. Exercises can be adapted for first timers depending on their level of fitness.


Super time efficient all in one workout. Fun, blood pumping classes with full body moves provide great all-round cardio, strength and flexibility training. First timers to expert as you select the weight of your kettlebell.

Body conditioning

One for the ladies. There’s always plenty going on here. Low impact exercises that will tone your thighs, buttocks and abs whilst improving your cardio. Plenty of variety, but typically involving floor mats, hand weights and exercise balls. Exercises easily adapted for first timers.

Personal Training

Personal training is not just about short term results. It is also about learning and developing your understanding to equip you with a level of knowledge and confidence that will see you benefit in the long term and certainly way beyond your personal training sessions.

Body Analysis Testing

Using the latest technology we evaluate your body composition in 30 minutes to better understand your fitness and health needs. Great for helping track your progress. This service is available to both members and non-members.





Everyone is an individual. Our qualified massage therapist will tailor the massage to your specific needs. Session lengths from 30 minutes to one hour. Available to both members and non-members.

Better Belly™

Remove fat from your stomach area quickly and effectively. This technology uses infrared deep heat to increase blood flow and significantly speed up fat burning in the stomach area. Packaged as 10 sessions, each lasting 30 to 40 minutes. The sessions are usually taken over a three to four week period.


Once you have been shown the ropes you can use the outdoor gym 7 days a week. Flip, lift, carry, jump, crawl and enjoy the new outdoor gym experience. Adaptations can be given to beginners and advanced individuals. Members free, non-members £5.50.







55 pieces of cardio and resistance equipment supplied by Technogym, plus four concept II rowers.

Free weights room including smith machine, cable machines and a large range of barbells and dumbells

Large functional training zone including large Exigo training rig

Large (1560 sq ft) studio for classes and group exercises

595 sq ft studio for virtual and cycling activity

Ladies toning table studio

Air conditioned gym and studios

Four male and four female showers

Sauna’s in each of the male and female changing rooms

Hairdryers and straighteners in the ladies changing rooms (with enough counter space to use them!)


Protein and sports drinks on sale

Large free on site car park.